Due diligence

Due -diligence in business is usually the process of ensuring that the financial and non-financial numbers, such as operating measures, reported under certain reports for the common purpose of decision making, or acquisition and investments, are being verified and tested for some important assertions. Due diligence is necessary for all types of industry whether is private or public sector, and for different fields such as financial, tax, operational, commercial, IT, acquisition, and vendors.

Due diligence when done correctly enhance the decision making. It is a process that entails certain analysis techniques, identification and assessment of related specific risks and opportunities,

How can XB4 help

Due diligence varies from a project to another, it is therefore important build it into every transaction. Our typical steps are based on the following approach:

  • Understanding the essence of the potential transaction, including the investment assumptions and key value drivers for the potential investor.
  • Identifying and assessing the specific risk areas that require focus, and tailor procedures to be performed.
  • Manage data and information required, and work with the various stakeholders to establish an appropriate methodology.
  • Performing in-depth to the lowest level procedures including financial analysis, detailed discussions with management and site visits and inspection, when applicable.
  • Communicate on a real-time basis and updates and present findings and reports to ensure that the stakeholders are aware of all issues, and to be confident that the final report will meet stakeholder needs.

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