Corporate Tax

What it is
Corporate tax, or company tax, is a direct tax imposed on the capital or income of a company.

The United Arab Emirates has no system of corporate taxation; however, it is determined on an emirate base. Currently, corporate tax is imposed on foreign bank branches in the UAE at a rate of 20%, foreign oil and gas exploration entities, in addition to those involved in the extraction of other natural resources in the UAE.

How it affects your business
Whether an organization’s income is subject to tax or not depends on the laws under which it operates, in addition to its net profits—corporate tax is applied after calculating earnings and deducting expenses.

As a business owner, reducing your organization’s taxable income is possible through proper planning and utilization of allowed charges such as management fee, insurance, travel expenses, interest payments, advertising, sales taxes, etc.

Why XB4
At XB4, our team of experts will work with you hand in hand to provide you with distinctive solutions that cater to your business. We will proficiently assist you in managing your organization’s tax obligations, as well as:

  • Identifying and reducing tax risks
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations
  • Establishing efficient tax models
  • Adjusting to any emerging changes

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